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Why Corrugated?

Corrugated isn’t cardboard.

While the terms are often used interchangeably when referencing packaging material, there’s a difference.

Cardboard is a single layer of thick stock most often used for retail packaging solutions like soda, dry food, and light merchandise packaging.

Corrugated sheets are made up of three layers:

  • Outer Liner
  • Inner Liner
  • Corrugated Medium or the Flutes

Commercial shipping and applications requiring a more durable packaging solution will utilize corrugated materials. Corrugated packages offer clients a lightweight, durable, cost-effective solution for their packaging needs.

Additionally, corrugated packages are easily recycled and are therefore considered very environmentally friendly.

“Corrugated solutions for commercial applications.”

Corrugated is Versatile and Durable

Corrugated packaging solutions are ideal for commercial applications due not only to their durability, but also their versatility.

Here at Compass we transform single sheets of corrugated material into everything from shipping boxes to retail display containers, specialty packaging, and much more.

We use a variety of die cutting, gluing, folding, sorting, and stacking machines to make a single sheet of corrugated material look like the finished product.

We can offer customers anything from simple brown shipping cartons to multi-colored point of purchase displays. Materials range from E-Flute to Triple wall containers.

If you have questions about corrugated applications for your business, contact us today!