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Make an Impression With Color

In the corrugated industry, color technology has rapidly advanced over the last several years, allowing us to offer clients a wide variety of color options for their corrugated packaging products.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a process which utilizes printing plates mounted on rotating cylinders to transfer ink to the corrugated sheet. This process is typically used to print large quantities of boxes because flexographic plates can be made for each project, they are highly customizable.

Flood Coating

A flood coat refers to a process whereby the entire surface of the corrugated sheet is covered with a single color. Flood coating is useful for projects that require the package itself be colored. Once flood coated, the box is ready for a label (using a CNS or litho labeler) or additional printing.

Multi-color Printing

All of Compass Packaging’s equipment are capable of printing multiple colors in one pass but if you need photo quality printing on your package we can print with a digital printer or use lithographic labels as the top sheet of your corrugated. We can also put a “spot label” on your packaging if you only need a small section photo quality.

“A color is as strong as the impression it creates.” ~ Ivan Albright

Offering Every Color Under the Rainbow

Most corrugated companies use what are called GMIC inks. GMIC inks were originally created by the Glass Container Manufacturers Institute. Today, many manufacturers including corrugated use GMIC colors for their printing operations.

GMIC colors offer printers a standardized pre-mixed color palette and have matches on the Pantone and PMS color charts. The advantage to using GMIC colors is knowing in advance exactly how the color will look on the corrugated material.

The primary disadvantage of using GMIC inks is color matching. In today’s corporate world, business want their specific blue, or their yellow on the box.

Unlike other corrugated companies, Compass Packaging offers exact color matching.

In much the same way paint colors are matched at the hardware store, so are the specialized printing inks used at Compass Packaging. A software program identifies and precisely matches the colors on your logo or design. From there, the color lab technician processes the order using the correct combination of inks.

The end result is your completed package with your exact company colors.

At Compass Packaging we don’t believe any client should have to sacrifice the appearance of their product packaging because of a limitation on the corrugated manufacturers side.

For more information on the Compass Color Lab or how we can enhance your product or company’s brand on your packaging, contact us today!